Local Veteran will be Returning Home (again) Thanks to Operation Enduring Gratitude

Operation Enduring Gratitude, a local nonprofit organization supporting our veterans, recently set out on their latest project to rebuild an Army Veteran’s home in Glendale.  This will be the fourth house they have rebuilt for a local veteran in need, serving those that have served our country.  In between rebuilding homes, Operation Enduring Gratitude as also built over 50 concrete wheelchair ramps for Veterans since beginning their operation almost 5 years ago.

With the help of local businesses, volunteers, and community leaders and led by Operation Enduring Gratitude’s founder and Executive Director, Charlie Ellis; Gilbert Lopez, a 76-year-old U.S. Army veteran, will be back in a fully renovated home by July 4th.  After finding his way to Charlie through a neighbor who had reached out to the Glendale Chamber, Charlie quickly leapt into action as Gilbert had been living in “a shell of a home” for several years.  As Charlie shares, “It’s a double-edged sword.  The pride got us to the pinnacle of our career is the pride that keeps us independent. And, sometimes, we can’t do it all ourselves.”  Thanks to Operation Enduring Gratitude, Gilbert won’t have to do it all himself.  Together with volunteer hosted events, lots of hard work, and the generous donations of local contractors, Gilbert is seeing his house take shape once again.

Operation Enduring Gratitude still has several weeks of work in order to complete their mission, and if we know Charlie, their next house is right around the corner. Interested volunteers can sign up on their website at operationenduringgratitude.org.  And no need to bring tools, Phoenix ToolBank has Charlie and all his volunteers covered!