First Time Borrowers

Before you can borrow ToolBank tools, you must first become a ToolBank member agency by completing our brief online membership application. There is no membership fee to become a ToolBank member.  The following types of organizations are eligible to borrow from the ToolBank:

  • Nonprofit/Charitable/Tax exempt organizations
  • Schools and PTAs/PTOs
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Civic organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Community Groups

A 501(c)3 tax exempt determination letter is not a requirement for ToolBank membership.

If you’re new to your organization and your organization frequently completes hands-on volunteer projects, your organization may already have a ToolBank account that simply needs to be updated. Contact us to find out.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Jana Ferraro at 602-438-4005 or

Complete applications are usually approved in 24-48 hours. Once your application is approved, your agency is immediately eligible to borrow tools. Members can submit a tool order at any time by clicking the ‘Order Tools’ button to the left. It’s fast and easy, and ToolBank staff will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order and pickup appointment.