Summary of Tools and Fees

Tool Inventory: You can access our full tool and equipment inventory by clicking here. A summary of fees that will be assessed can be found in this document. All fees are up to the discretion of Phoenix ToolBank staff and subject to change.

Tool Handling Fees: Member Agencies pay a Tool Handling Fee equal to 3% of the retail value of each tool borrowed per week. Tools may be borrowed from one to eight weeks.  Please contact the ToolBank for specific lending fee amounts.

Late Fees: Overdue tools accrue late fees at 6% of the retail value of each tool borrowed value every week until the tools are returned, replaced, or its replacement cost is paid in full (see below).

Replacement Costs: Member Agencies are assessed a replacement cost in the event that a tool is declared lost, parts are missing, or the tool is broken or no longer usable due to misuse or abuse. We do not charge replacement fees for tools broken during their intended use, so long as the broken tool is returned.

Cleaning Fees: Member Agencies are assessed a cleaning fee if tools are returned excessively dirty or returned with dried paint, caulk, mud, or other substances. Agencies are given the opportunity to clean tools before fees are assessed.

Dental Equipment: All dental equipment incurs an additional health & safety cleaning fee. Please contact the ToolBank for more information and questions about dental equipment.