Singleton Moms’ volunteers hope the day will come when cancer has a cure and can no longer threaten lives and rob children of their parents,but until then, these cheerful volunteers tend to tasks and chores that can overwhelm a single parent fighting a terminal illness.
Alma Henriques is a Care Team Specialist at Singleton mom. She contacted Phoenix Community ToolBank last November as she set out to help a single mom with some yard work. Like many Arizonans, this mom had a wily patch of Aloe Vera spreading beyond the confines of pots and planters.  Alma borrowed rakes and shovels from Phoenix ToolBank and with the help of four other volunteers, trimmed back the succulents and cleared away mounds of dead tree debris.
When the indoor and outdoor chores pile up, it can remind patients of their worst days and just how lousy they feel. Alma and her fellow volunteers know that finished chores, tidy yards, and swept porches can help parents focus on the real priorities of caring for their kids and getting healthy. Singleton’s mission reflects this belief, “Meeting the needs of today. Providing hope for tomorrow.”
When asked about her experience with Phoenix ToolBank, Alma told us that she felt supported no matter how many questions she had for Phoenix ToolBank’s Executive Director, Jana Smith.  And anyone who has worked with Jana would likely agree with Alma who described her as “ridiculously friendly and always available.” Alma also loves being able to borrow just about any tool they need to make their mission possible.
Singleton Moms is planning lots more spring cleanings and yard work before the hot summer months kick in. With your support, Phoenix Phoenix Community ToolBank will continue be there for Singleton’s Moms and single parents battling cancer.