Toolbank Spotlight on: Children’s Museum of Phoenix Acting on the principle that learning is a joy, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix’s mission is to engage the minds, muscles and imaginations of children and the grown-ups who care about them. With hands-on, interactive exhibits designed for children ages birth to 10, the Museum focuses on learning through play, with emphasis on early childhood education and school-readiness.


The Museum’s vision is to foster a joy of learning and to: provide engaging projects, exhibits and programming for young children and their families; educate parents and caregivers about child development and parenting techniques; and build cultural understanding, positive social interaction.


The Children’s Museum of Phoenix uses the ToolBank for their bi-annual Spruce Ups held in October every year. The Spruce Up is bath time at the Museum! The museum has 20,000 square feet of exhibit space. At the Spruce Up, volunteers clean the walls, ceilings, and floors with the attention to detail that you would want from an institution where your children play. The ToolBank is a wonderful low-cost resource for the Museum as they do not have the supplies available to complete this large cleaning project without borrowing dozens of ladders, shop vacs, power washers, and more from the ToolBank. It’s heart-warming to see the community volunteers come together to help and provide children with a unique educational environment to play.


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