Toolbank Spotlight on: Operation Enduring Gratitude

shelf life of neurontin Key Facts about Your Volunteer Experience: We partnered with Operation Enduring Gratitude to provide tools and labor for rebuilding a Veterans  home.  Tools were borrowed from Toolbank prior to EOG setting up an account with you.

Şarkışla Date of your Volunteer Project/Event: January and February 2017

Total number of volunteers: 12 and 50+

Brief description of your non-profit organization (1-2 sentences):  The Mission Continues is a veteran volunteer group whos primary purpose is reintegrating returning veterans with problems adjusting to civilian life through service projects.   We get them out in a safe environment with other volunteers who have had similar experiences doing active work that assists other people.   In Phoenix, 1st Platoon works with parks and rec and 2nd Platoon works with at risk and disadvantaged youth, both platoons assist other organizations with labor for their volunteer projects. 

Brief description of your volunteer project/event and why your organization chose to undertake it (2-3 sentences):  Operation Enduring Gratitude had boulder fields that needed to be cleared before landscaping could begin at a Veterans home.  The Mission Continues had partnered with OEG prior to this and when labor and wheelbarrows were needed, we used our contacts with Toolbank and called on our teammates to clear the rocks and level the grounds.

Please describe a moment from your volunteer experience that personally impacted you the most (1-3 sentences):  After the first event, a 12 year old girl asked if her helper (me) would be there for the second event.  If by spending a Saturday morning working alongside this girl, letting her take the lead, doing the heavy work she was not capable of handling, I made enough impact to be remembered a month later then it was a successful operation.  

What information about your member agency would you like to share with other Toolbank member agencies, Toolbank donors, and Toolbank volunteers (e.g., upcoming public events)? Check us out on Facebook: TheMissionContinues1stPlatoonP hoenix/?ref=page_internal

If your member agency was a tool, what tool would it be and why?  Handyman tool for its usefulness and versatility

What did you enjoy most about working with the Toolbank?  Don’t have to buy and store all these tools.  Also Jana is so helpful and accommodating.

What is your all-time favorite Toolbank tool or item and why?  Got to be Wheelbarrows as we rent a lot of them.  Allows one person to do the work of many

What does the Toolbank mean to you?  What do you love about the Toolbank organization?  A partnering agency for those items our volunteers need to be successful and you do it with a smile.